Management and support team at Mark Masons' Hall

  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    Grand Secretary
    • Dan Heath

      Dan Heath

      Assistant Grand Secretary
      • Derek Mersh

        Derek Mersh

        Manager Masonic Support Services
        • Michael Correa

          Michael Correa

          Deputy Manager
          • David O

            David O'Reilly

            Assistant Manager
          • Chris Griggs

            Chris Griggs

            Assistant Manager
      • Lisa Corcoran

        Lisa Corcoran

        Retail Manager
      • David Burton

        David Burton

        Assistant to Grand Tyler
      • Paul Walsh

        Paul Walsh

        Assistant to grand Tyler
    • Assistant to the Grand Secretary
      • Jash Pindoriya

        Jash Pindoriya

        Registrations Manager
        • Nanda Bhudia

          Nanda Bhudia

          Deputy Manager, Registrations
      • Julie Deo

        Julie Deo

        Yearbook Editor
        • Cleo Williams

          Cleo Williams

          Assistant Yearbook Editor
      • Darren Coleman-Heald

        Darren Coleman-Heald

        Charities Manager
    • Michael Owen

      Michael Owen

      General Manager Catering
      • Sara Hughes

        Sara Hughes

        Assistant Catering Manager
        • Bleu Hillman

          Bleu Hillman

          Catering Administration Assistant
    • Gary Newell

      Gary Newell

      Financial Controller
      • Linda Read

        Linda Read

        Charities Finance Manager
        • Millie Pilson

          Millie Pilson

          Finance Assistant
      • Indu Varatharajan

        Indu Varatharajan

        Finance Assistant
        • Jyoti Patel

          Jyoti Patel

          Finance Assistant
          • Jackie Johnson

            Jackie Johnson

            Finance Assistant
      • John Wheeler

        John Wheeler

        Facilities Manager
        • Ray Smythe

          Ray Smythe

          Maitenance Engineer
    • Katherine Kopsis

      Katherine Kopsis

      Private Secretary to the Grand Secretary

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Our Temples

Marks Masons' Hall has a range of temples specifically suited to Masonic needs, from our magnificently appointed Grand Temple to smaller but equally well appointed temples.

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Our Dining

86 St James Ltd is the Catering arm of the GLMMM, providing refreshments to all Masonic units visiting the Hall. We serve almost 50 thousand meals per year and have a growing reputation for high quality food.

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Our Rooms

Mark Masons' Hall has a number of conference rooms. Our rooms range in size and can be prepared to suit most circumstances, whether that’s boardroom, cinema or classroom styles, we’re happy to accommodate where possible.