Order of the Secret Monitor

The Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan


OSM sweeney 300The Order of the Secret Monitor, which developed from a still more ancient Degree, is the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan and is in its way older than Freemasonry itself. Its principles and its watchwords being founded upon those grand examples set by two worthy Hebrew Princes around 1000 BC as recorded in the Jewish history of the Bible.

History tells us that the “Order of David & Jonathan” was taken to the New World in or about 1658 by Dutch settlers. The inauguration meeting of Grand Conclave, under the banner of Alfred Meadows Conclave No. 1 was held at the Hotel Victoria, London, SW on 15 July 1887.

This is a Society framed upon the principles of self sacrifice; of mutual trust, watchful Brotherly care; of warning in time of danger; solace in time of sorrow; and skillful and effective friendly advice in every circumstance of life: A Society that meets a great and crying need in human affairs and is calculated to benefit those who act up to its tenets.

There are three Degrees in the Order; Induction ceremony, Princes or admission Degree and the Third Degree which is when a Brother is Installed as a Supreme Ruler of his Conclave. At this point he is also commissioned as a Supreme Ruler within the Order. This entitles him to conduct ceremonies in any Conclave.

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Order of the Secret Monitor

Address by The Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler 2017

Address by The Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler
Andrew Christopher Sweeney
to the Annual Convocation of Grand Conclave
Thursday 9 November 2017

OSM sweeney 800Very Dear Brethren all. I feel very honoured and privileged to have been elected, obligated and Installed as your Grand Supreme Ruler and shall do my utmost to further the interests of the Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan for as long as I shall hold this office. I have already thanked Most Worthy Brother Paul Clement for the very warm and friendly way he installed me this afternoon and now wish to record the gratitude we owe to him for all the hard work he has done for the Order over many years, especially for the period whilst he has been our Grand Supreme Ruler.

It is overwhelming to see so many of you here today and I thank you all for your attendance and hope that it is a very enjoyable day for you all. I am also very grateful for the attendance of the Rulers of other Orders and for their contributions to, and support of, the Order.

Brethren the distinguishing characteristic of the Order of the Secret Monitor is the care that we extend to our fellow Brethren; primarily through the Offices of our Visiting Deacons by giving friendly monition and warning to its members in time of danger and affording support and assistance to them in time of sorrow and distress, and I enjoin all of you to encourage the Visiting Deacons in your Conclaves to assiduously discharge these very special duties to the best of their abilities. Indeed, the Constitutions specifically mention that the Visiting Deacons should be charged to ensure that this fundamental object of our Order be carried into practical effect. In so doing it reinforces that we are the caring Order in Freemasonry and materially helps in maintaining the relevance of the Order to Freemasons in general.

Brethren whilst today is tinged with a little sadness due to the retirement of M.Wy.Bro. Paul Clement, he has left a vibrant Order in good heart and with all your support, encouragement and enthusiasm we can look forward to expanding our Conclaves throughout the Constitution.
Thank you all.


M.Wy.Bro. Andrew C. Sweeney
Grand Supreme Ruler

R.Wy.Bro. Keith B. Ferguson
Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler

R.Wy.Bro. G. Llewellyn Gill
Assistant Grand Supreme Ruler 


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