Appointment of new Rulers in the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

For the last fifteen years, M.W.Bro. Raymond Smith has given outstanding service  to our Order in various offices. In 2007, he was appointed Provincial Grand Master  for London, an office he held for four years before taking over the presidency of the  Mark Benevolent Fund until 2013.

MARK Smith Pro 800

His reputation as a consummate professional discharging his duties with a quiet  confidence and always with a welcoming smile, singled him out for further  advancement and in 2014 he was appointed Assistant Grand Master. Two years  later he was promoted to Deputy Grand Master and, in 2017, he succeeded to the  office of Pro Grand Master.

Having served five years as Pro Grand Master and with a relocation to Jersey about  to take place, M.W.Bro. Smith has indicated his wish to retire and will stand down  at the September Communication of Grand Lodge. On your behalf I extend to him  our thanks for all that he has done for Mark Masonry so wonderfully supported by his wife Anne and we wish them both a long, happy and healthy retirement in their  new home.

In consequence of this news, the Most Worshipful Grand Master has been pleased  to make the following appointments:

As Pro Grand Master – R.W.Bro. John Herbert Prizeman, Dep.G.M.

 MARK Prizeman HIGH

As Deputy Grand Master – R.W.Bro. Francis Charles Spencer, A.G.M.


And as Assistant Grand Master – R.W.Bro. Prof. Denovan Keith Wilson, Prov.G.M.  for Durham.


I am sure you will join me in extending heartiest congratulations to our new Rulers Designate who will be invested by the Grand Master on 13 September.

Their appointments mark the start of a new Chapter in the history of our Order, and I feel sure that under their guidance we will continue our recovery from the effects of the pandemic and realise our ambitions for a stronger and more forward looking Order.

With fraternal regards and best wishes.

R.W.Bro. Ryan A Williams, P.G.J.W., Grand Secretary