Knights Beneficent of the Holy City

The Grand Priory of the Holy City of the Rectified Scottish Rite of England and Wales



The Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (KBHC) is the anglicised name of a very old and very "elite" masonic body known worldwide as "CBCS", short for "Chevaliers Bienfaisant de La Cite Sainte".

There are several "obediences" in this Order, which do not officially recognise each other, but in England particularly, Regular Membership of CBCS was traditionally restricted to literally just a handful of the most senior Knights Templar!

However, many English masons, quite legitimately, took the step of crossing the Channel to Belgium, where membership was more easily obtainable.

Recently, in only 2007, the Grand Priory of Belgium sanctioned England to work the Degrees of the Order, forming part of the Rectified Scottish Rite, more openly, but still in a quite restricted, "Invitation Only" manner.

The Grand Priory of England is governed by the Grand Master, who is supported by a Grand Prior, a Grand Chancery and a retinue of Grand Officers who are his advisers and assist in the administration of Grand Priory, a meeting of which is convened at least once in every year.

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Knights Beneficent of the Holy City

Address by The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master 2018

Address by The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master
Michael Edward Herbert, G.C.H.C.
to the Annual Meeting of Great Priory
Thursday 13 September 2018

KBHC Herbert 800Reverend Knights, Squire Novices and Brethren, it is a great pleasure to see so many of you here today. I hope you will all enjoy your visit to our annual Grand Priory meeting and we congratulate all those who have been appointed to, or promoted in, Grand Rank. Earlier today, nineteen Squire Novices reached the Supreme Degree of our Rite by being Created and Commissioned as Knights. Our congratulations are also extended to them. We also congratulate R.Revd.Kt. Dr Vivian Thomas on being appointed to the honour and dignity of Knight Commander of the Holy City which he richly deserves.

This year we see a further development in our Order. There is to be a new Grand Priory in Benin and it is envisaged that this will be created in the early part of 2019. In addition, we have held exploratory talks with Hong Kong. They wish to have qualified Knights Templar become members of the Scottish Master of St Andrew and see how we can progress from there. It is still in its early days but filled with tremendous enthusiasm. At home, all our Lodges are prospering and I thank the District Grand Prefects for their outstanding leadership.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome distinguished guests from our sister Provinces; Please restrain your enthusiasm until I complete the list –

From the Switzerland the Great Prior and National Grand Master, M.E.Kt. Hans Fischer,

From Belgium the Great Prior and National Grand Master, M.Revd.Kt. Daniel Bauwens. He has now completed his four-year term of office and will be retiring in November - he will be succeeded by R.Revd.Kt. Dirk de Boek – Congratulations Dirk, we wish you well. We also welcome R.Revd.Kt. Francis Clarembaux, R.Revd.Kt. David Hope and Revd.Kt. Keith Stevens.

From the France, the Grand Prior and National Grand Master, M.Revd.Kt. Luc Deschamps and from Brazil, Revd.Kt. Jorge Henrique Valle dos Santos.

Once again it is a delight to receive the support from the Heads of Orders and we welcome:

Revd.Kt. Raymond J. Smith, Pro Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons;

R.Revd.Kt. Paul R. Clement, Grand Mareschal, Grand Master of Knights Templar;

V.Revd.Kt. Graham L. Flight, Grand Treasurer, Grand Sovereign of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine;

V.Revd.Kt. Kessick J. Jones, President of my Council, Grand Master of the Order of Royal and Select Masters;

Revd.Kt. Andrew C. Sweeney, Grand Almoner, Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor;

Revd.Kt. Christopher G. Maiden, Grand High Priest of the Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom.

Revd.Kt. John Paternoster, Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

I now express my thanks to V.Revd.Kt. Jonathan Roberts: he has just retired after working so diligently for our Order, Jon we wish you a long and happy retirement. He will be succeeded in office by Revd.Kt. Daniel Heath. And finally my thanks to my Deputy, Dr John Wright, my Visitor General, Dr Vivian Thomas, my President, Kessick Jones, my Herald, Bob Morrow, my Treasurer, Graham Flight, my Mareschal, Paul Clement, my Chancellor, Ryan Williams and the team who work so assiduously for our Order at Mark Masons’ Hall.

I thank you all for your support in giving me such a rewarding time as your Grand Master, I hope you all gain fulfilment and pleasure from your membership of the Order. I think we now deserve some refreshment, God bless you all.



M.Em. & Revd.Kt. Dr Vivian Thomas, JP, G.C.H.C.
Grand Master

R.Revd.Kt. P.R Clement, G.C.H.C.
Grand Prior & Deputy Grand Master