Knights Beneficent of the Holy City

The Grand Priory of the Holy City of the Rectified Scottish Rite of England and Wales



The Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (KBHC) is the anglicised name of a very old and very "elite" masonic body known worldwide as "CBCS", short for "Chevaliers Bienfaisant de La Cite Sainte".

There are several "obediences" in this Order, which do not officially recognise each other, but in England particularly, Regular Membership of CBCS was traditionally restricted to literally just a handful of the most senior Knights Templar!

However, many English masons, quite legitimately, took the step of crossing the Channel to Belgium, where membership was more easily obtainable.

Recently, in only 2007, the Grand Priory of Belgium sanctioned England to work the Degrees of the Order, forming part of the Rectified Scottish Rite, more openly, but still in a quite restricted, "Invitation Only" manner.

The Grand Priory of England is governed by the Grand Master, who is supported by a Grand Prior, a Grand Chancery and a retinue of Grand Officers who are his advisers and assist in the administration of Grand Priory, a meeting of which is convened at least once in every year.

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Address by The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master
Michael Edward Herbert, G.C.H.C.
to the Annual Meeting of Great Priory
Thursday 12 September 2019

KBHC Herbert 800It is a great pleasure to welcome you all here today to our twelfth Annual meeting, what wonderful support! I wish you all a very happy day. Earlier this morning we created and commissioned as Knights, eighteen Squire Novices. Only a small number can reach this supreme degree in any one year, so we congratulate those who have achieved this high rank. We also congratulate those Knights who have merited their appointments to, and promotions in, Grand Rank today.

R.Revd.Kt. Edwin Goodwin and R.Revd.Kt. Brian Kimberley both retire from the Office of Regional Grand Prefect today. They have served the Order with great distinction. We wish them a long and happy retirement and trust they will continue to honour us with their presence at future meetings.

R.Revd.Kt. David Jordan and R.Revd.Kt. George Bonham have been installed as Regional Grand Prefects – we wish them a happy, rewarding time in Office.

Once again, we have enjoyed a wonderful year in the work of our Order. All of our Prefectures and Lodges continue with great enthusiasm and for this we thank our Regional Grand Prefects. They are an inspiration to us all. We had a major highlight on 13th May at Christleton, Chester, when in the Brigantes Prefecture, Hugh Lupus Lodge No.20 was consecrated. This will prove to be another jewel in our crown.

Overseas there was a further development in our Order. On 29th May the new Grand Priory of Benin was created. We wish them a happy, successful future. It is a pleasure to welcome distinguished guests from sister provinces and the heads of other orders. Please restrain your natural enthusiasm until I complete the list.

From the Independent Grand Priory of Helvetia, we welcome the Grand Prior and National Grand Master, M.E. & Revd.Kt. Dr Hans Fischer. From the Grand Priory of America, the Grand Prior, R.Revd.Kt. Andre Lovas. From Belgium, the Great Prior & Grand Master, M.E. & Revd.Kt. Dirk de Boeck, the Past Great Prior & Grand Master, M.E. & Revd.Kt. Daniel Bauwens, the Assistant Great Prior, R.Revd.Kt. David Hope. They are accompanied by 10 distinguished Revd.Kt’s. From France, the Visitor General, M.Revd.Kt. Philippe Laventure and Revd.Kt. Jacques Techene. From Spain, we have the Grand Prior, M.E. & Revd.Kt. Julio-Ignacio Megan Gomez. The Grand Prior Adjutant and Deputy Grand Master, R.Revd.Kt. Jose de Blaz Gallego and Revd.Kt. Jose-Antonio Diaz de la Conception. From Austria the Grand Prior and Grand Master, M.E. & Revd.Kt. Ernst Hatheyer and the Grand Chancellor Revd.Kt. Thomas Hatheyer.

The support we receive from the Heads of other Orders is magnificent and we welcome Revd.Kt. Raymond J. Smith, Pro Grand Master of Mark and RAM, R.Revd.Kt. Paul R. Clement, our Grand Mareschal, Grand Master of Knights Templar, V.Revd.Kt. Graham L Flight, Grand Treasurer, Grand Sovereign of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, V.Revd.Kt. Kessick J. Jones, President of the Grand Masters Council, Grand Master of the Order of Royal and Select Masters. V.Revd.Kt. Thomas F. Jackson, Grand Master of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees. V.Revd.Kt. Andrew C. Sweeney, Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor, Revd.Kt. Christopher G. Maiden, Grand High Priest of the Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom. Revd.Kt. Anthony W. Llewellyn, Supreme Magus of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Let us show our warmest appreciation to all of these distinguished Knights.

I thank the Deputy Grand Master, Dr John Wright, the Visitor General, Dr Vivian Thomas, the President of the Council, Kessick Jones, the Herald, Robert Morrow, the Treasurer, Graham Flight, the Mareschal, Paul Clement and the Grand Chancellor, Ryan Williams for the prodigious amount of work they do for the benefit of our Order. In addition, all the team at Mark Masons’ Hall who give strong support and sound advice. Revd.Kt. Grand Chancellor please convey my grateful thanks to them all.

And now Reverend Knights let us continue with zeal for our work in the Order. Let happiness be our watchword and may we all take great pleasure in each other’s company and be in perfect peace, love and harmony.

God Bless you all.


M.Em. & Revd.Kt. Dr Vivian Thomas, JP, G.C.H.C.
Grand Master

R.Revd.Kt. Dr John L. W. Wright, RD, G.C.H.C.
Grand Prior & Deputy Grand Master


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