When the original Keystone Fund was established on the 3rd June 1930, it was on the basis that it would only apply to the Mark degree. Such was the enthusiasm of other Orders being administered by Mark Masons’ Hall that in 1933 it was extended initially to the Knights Templar and it was agreed that a special ribbon could be worn by “Keystone Preceptories”. Eventually this arrangement was extended to all the other Orders. The primary purpose of the Fund was to help finance major capital projects to improve the fabric, facilities and quality of Mark Masons’ Hall.

At the celebratory meeting of the 150th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons’ held on Thursday 26th October 2006, the Grand Master; M.W.Bro., H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent, G.C.V.O., announced the establishment of the 150th Anniversary Keystone Fund.

The new 150th Anniversary Jewel will compliment, not supplant the current Keystone Jewel which is worn with great pride by many Members of the Mark degree.

The 150th Anniversary Keystone Jewel is identical to the existing Keystone Jewel save that the ribbon is embellished with the addition of an enamelled 150th Anniversary button of the same design as the 150th Anniversary logo.

Newly qualified Members, Lodges, Provinces, Districts and Inspectorates receive an entirely new Jewel of the prescribed design, whilst current holders of the original Keystone Jewel may retain their Jewel and add the 150th Anniversary button on the ribbon/collarette.

Qualified Lodges, Provinces, Districts and Inspectorates are encouraged to display on their respective circulars, both of the honorifics, e.g. Keystone Lodge and 150th Anniversary Keystone Jewel.

The current levels of qualifying contribution are:

Individual Members:



£25.00 per subscribing Member


£10.00 per subscribing Membership

Districts & Inspectorates Overseas:

£5.00 per subscribing Membership

Members wear a small breast jewel suspended from a ribbon. Lodges,Provinces,Districts and Inspectorates have a larger jewel suspended from a collarette which is worn by the Master during his year of office.

The current cost of the Jewels are:

Metal Jewel:


Silver Gilt Jewel:


150th Anniversary button (for individuals and lodges):


The levels of contributions and the Jewels are the same for all Orders, the only difference being the colour of the ribbon/collarette from which the Jewel is suspended:

Royal & Select Masters:


Red Cross of Constantine:


Order of the Secret Monitor:

Indian Yellow

Allied Masonic Degrees:

Thistle Green

Knights Templar:

Order of the Scarlet Cord:

Red & White

Red/White & Black



The Fund, as well as financing major capital projects (i.e. additional air conditioning) and enhancing the value of the building (i.e.renovation of the stonework), is also a long term, tangible commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons’.


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