Nineteen Knights from Dorset and Wiltshire set off from Bristol and Bournemouth for an action-packed trip to the historic City of Valetta, Malta.

There the Knights from Dorset and Wiltshire attended a meeting of La Vallette Priory, No. 649 as guests of honour, and were afforded the privilege of having some of their Knights take part in the ceremony. It is an experience they will never forget - taking part in a Malta degree ceremony in Malta.

The next evening, they were invited to attend the Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory and Priory, No. 640, this time their Members were delighted to help out by assisting with the "Arch of Steel".

To read more about this fantastic trip, as well as many photographs of the memories they made during their visit to this lovely part of the world, please visit the Knights Templar Provincial Priory of Dorset and Wiltshire Website

With thanks to the Provincial Priory of Dorset and Wiltshire for supplying this article.


M.E. & S.Kt. Paul R. Clement, G.C.T.
Grand Master

V.H. & R.E.Kt. Andrew C. Rainbow, G.C.T.
Great Seneschal


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