Interrelation of Masonic Orders Administered from Mark Masons’ Hall

Freemasonry in the English and Welsh Constitution begins with “The Craft”. It is from here that Freemasonry has evolved and you need to be a member of the Craft to be able to call yourself a Freemason. It is governed by the United Grand Lodge of England, based at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London. They also oversee the sister organisation, Supreme Grand Chapter; under which the Royal Arch Degree is worked.

Having become a Freemason, many members chose to compliment or enhance their Masonic interests by joining the “Companion Orders”. Mark Mason’s Hall administers ten such Orders and the family tree below shows how they relate to each other.

order bottom

  • Craft masonry

    Craft masonry

    • Royal Arch

      Royal Arch

      • Red Cross of Constantine

        Red Cross of Constantine

      • Knights Templar

        Knights Templar

        • Knights of Malta

          Knights of Malta

          • Knights Beneficent

            Knights Beneficent

    • Mark Master Mason

      Mark Master Mason

      • Royal Ark Mariner

        Royal Ark Mariner

    • Order of Secret Monitor

      Order of Secret Monitor

      • Scarlet Cord

        Scarlet Cord

    • Mark & Royal Arch

      Mark & Royal Arch

      • Royal & Select Masters

        Royal & Select Masters

      • Allied Masonic Degrees

        Allied Masonic Degrees

history 1


Masonic tradition informs us that, at the building of King Solomon’s temple, every Mason was provided with a peculiar mark.

history 2


The degree is founded on statements relating to a period in the building of the Holy Temple prior to the death of Hiram Abif.

history 3


The symbol of the Degree of Mark Master Mason is a Keystone on which is engraved certain mystic letters.