Grand Council 2019 Photos

Consecration of two new Councils in Athens

In what was very much a flying visit, a team from the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees travelled to Greece in April to Consecrate the second and third Greek AMD Councils, namely Sophia Council, No. 279 and Fos Council, No. 280. Both ceremonies were performed on the same day at the Masonic Centre in Kifisia, a residential and shopping district north-east of Athens. In addition to the excellent turn out from Grand Council and other Brethren who made the trip from England, more than thirty local Founders and Brethren were present to take part and enjoy the ceremonies; carried out by Most Worshipful Brother Thomas Firth Jackson, Grand Master as the Consecrating Officer, assisted by Right Worshipful Brother Andrew Sweeney, P.G.S.W., as Installing Officer and the Grand Senior and Grand Junior Wardens, Right Worshipful Brothers Robert Morrow and Jonathan Roberts respectively.

Pictured left to right: V.W.Bro. George Vasilogeorgis, P.G.Reg., enjoys a quiet moment with M.W.Bro. Thomas Firth Jackson, Grand Master.

Installation of District Grand Prefect for Cheshire and North Wales

Straddling the banks of the Shropshire Union Canal, a couple of miles south of Chester lies the picturesque village of Christleton, home of Cheshire View, the very well-appointed Masonic Centre for the area. Here the Grand Master of the Allied Masonic Degrees, Most Worshipful Brother Thomas Firth Jackson, and his team of Grand Officers, arrived to Install Right Worshipful Brother Peter Talbot as District Grand Prefect for Cheshire and North Wales. Peter is already very well known to the Brethren in the area as Provincial Grand Master for North Wales in the Mark degree.

At what was a  very well attended meeting, the Grand Master was especially delighted to be in the company of Right Worshipful Brother Benjamin Addy, Past Deputy Grand Master.

During the meeting the Grand Master paid tribute to the work of R.W.Bro. Talbot’s predecessor, R.W.Bro. Keith Philip Roberts, JP, and likewise to the reappointed Deputy District Grand Prefect, David Alexander Wright, surprising him by giving him a field promotion to the Rank of Past Grand Register, which carries with it the prefix Very Worshipful Brother.

At the after proceedings the District Grand Prefect presented the Grand Master with a clock mounted on Welsh slate as a memento of his visit, a pleasant reminder for the keen horologist of his visit to the District.


Pictured seated: left of centre – R.W.Bro. Peter Talbot, Dist.G.Pref.; centre – M.W.Bro. Thomas F. Jackson, Grand Master; right of centre – R.W.Bro. Benjamin Addy, P.Dep.G.M.

Grand Master's Address October 2018

AMD Grand Council 2018

Brethren I must begin by thanking you once again for attending our Annual Meeting here in Great Queen Street in such excellent numbers. We seem to go from strength to strength and show I think, though I am rather biased that the Order is in good heart. Today is a day of celebration for us all, but especially for those of you who have been honoured by promotion in or first appointment to Grand Rank, either way Brethren your new rank will have been well deserved. I have congratulated you all individually, but I must also do it collectively for it demonstrates your commitment to our Order and I hope that you and your guests enjoy it to the full for many years to come.

Those of you who read the agenda and I hope Brethren that you do, will have noticed that we have again increased our membership of the Order, this time by 234. This is most encouraging as it is well over 1 member per Council, but as I say each year we can’t afford to be complacent, we must make every effort to encourage the right Gentlemen to join the Craft and then, when the time is right, move further up the Masonic ladder and hopefully join our Order.

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